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Thursday, Oct 01, 2020

Brazilian freestyle queens show off incredible chest control – and one of them is so good she’s beaten Neymar (VIDEO)

Brazilian freestyle football stars Natalia Guitler and Josy Souza showed exactly why they've been dubbed 'queens of the beach' as they displayed their impressive chest control in Rio de Janeiro.
Guitler and Souza are both footvolley champions – a sport which combines aspects of beach volleyball and regular football.

Practising on the sands in Rio, the duo displayed the kind of control that has helped them become social media celebrities as well as win praise from the likes of Neymar and Ronaldinho.

In footage shared by Guitler to her nearly 1 million Instagram followers, she and Souza arch the ball to each other using their chests around a dozen times as waves lap the Rio shoreline.

A two-time world footvolley singles champion, Guitler in particular is a major star in her homeland.

She's also a specialist at TeqBall – a game resembling table tennis but played with a football between two or more players.

TeqBall is all the rage with professionals such as Barcelona icon Lionel Messi and PSG star Neymar, who was beaten by Guitler when he took her on at his holiday home in Bahia back in 2018.

Guitler, 32, has previously spoken of the recognition she’s received from Neymar and fellow Brazil legend Ronaldinho – a man known for his own staggering ability to manipulate a football.

"They respect me a lot and respect my job. Especially for a woman, that's really cool. They admire me for being a woman who's so good,” she said.

Indeed, Guitler’s Instagram account is full of outrageous examples of her skills either on the beaches of Brazil or in more traditional football surroundings

Souza is no less talented, teaming up with Guitler to claim international titles with Brazil.

The pair will be in action at the World Footvolley Finals in Rio later in December.

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