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Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

How to Dress Like an Aquarius

How to Dress Like an Aquarius

Enter Aquarius season with the unique Air sign's experimental style.

As we enter Aquarius season, the Air sign is definitely having its moment. Last month, Jupiter and Saturn met in Aquarius during the Great Conjunction, marking a shift in humanity towards innovation. And, as more planets enter Aquarius in the coming month, astrologists are speculating that we're entering the Age of Aquarius altogether.

When it comes to fashion, now is the time more than ever to play with your personal style, especially as the newness of 2021 still lingers. Known as quirky and adventurous trend-setters, the Aquarius can make just about anything work—unexpected pairings, statement pieces, and prints are frequent features. The sign's fashion experimentation can make both everyday outfits and dressed up ensembles stand out. Just think of fashion favorite and Aquarius Harry Styles, whose wardrobe has provided many viral moments.

When it comes to colors, the Water Bearer is open to wearing just about any=loud neons, demure pastels, and everything in between-but tends to gravitate towards shades of blue, bright violets, and turquoise. Here, L'OFFICIEL collects the latest runway inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2021 shows fit for the forward-thinking Aquarius.












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