Kazakhstan News
Monday, Dec 05, 2022

Is water the new gold?

Climate change is causing temperatures to rise. Extreme weather events and droughts are increasing. Springs and wells are drying up. And everyone needs more water. The battles for control over precious water reserves have begun.
In some countries, water has always been available in abundance - and is wasted carelessly every day. But the climate crisis is changing that. Because the climate is warming, everyone needs more water than ever: for drinking, agriculture and industry. Water is the new gold.

In many countries, the distribution battles for precious water reserves have already begun. In Mendocino, California, there is no longer enough water to flush the toilets. And in Germany, regional drinking water supplies collapse in hot weather. Groundwater levels have dropped to record lows in many places. Will we still have enough drinking water in the future? What happens when our water disappears?

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