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Saturday, Aug 13, 2022

Piers Morgan banned from entering Russia: ‘It wasn’t on my vacation to-do list’

Piers Morgan banned from entering Russia: ‘It wasn’t on my vacation to-do list’

Piers Morgan has been banned from entering Russia as the country declares sanctions against dozens of Britons, including several politicians and journalists, to bar them from travelling to the country.

The TalkTV host didn’t seem too bothered by the announcement, saying that the country – which is currently still waging war against Ukraine – wasn’t on his ‘immediate vacation to-do list’.

On Monday, the Russian foreign ministry released a list of 39 people prohibited from entering Russia after the UK issued sanctions against individuals who have links to the Kremlin, including Russian ministers and members of influential families.

The UK sanctions were made in direct response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which began in February this year and is still ongoing.

In a statement, the Russian foreign ministry claimed that the people added to the blacklist have contributed to ‘London’s hostile course aimed at the demonisation of our country and its international isolation’.

In addition to Morgan, other notable people on the list include BBC journalist Huw Edwards, ITV’s Robert Peston and Sky News producer John Ryley.

Former prime minister David Cameron is also included, as is Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford and shadow cabinet minister David Lammy.

Commenting on the news, the Piers Morgan Uncensored host tweeted: ‘It wasn’t on my immediate vacation to-do list.’

BBC’s Huw Edwards is also on the list, as is David Cameron and Sir Keir Starmer

Morgan recently hosted the First Lady of Ukraine’s summit in Kyiv with appearance from President Volodymyr Zelensky, which he said was a ‘great honour’.

Sharing photos from the event on Twitter, the 57-year-old said: ‘Great honour to host the First Lady of Ukraine’s Summit of First Ladies & Gentlemen in Kyiv, featuring many world leaders & celebrities incl President Zelensky.

‘Thanks for inviting me @olenazelenska_official – an unforgettable experience. Slava Ukraini! [Glory to Ukraine!].’

In a statement about the Britons banned from entering Russia, the Russian foreign ministry said: ‘As has been noted more than once, the pernicious actions of the UK in planting Russophobia, spreading false information about our country and supporting the Kyiv neo-Nazi regime will receive an adequate and decisive response from the Russian side.’

‘The choice in favour of confrontation is a conscious decision of the British political establishment, which bears all responsibility for the consequences,’ it added, as the statement also vowed to add more names to the list.

Russia previously announced it would be taking action against 287 MPs earlier this year, in response to the sanctions that were placed on Russian politicians.

In April, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that MPs whose names were included on the list should view it as a ‘badge of honour’.


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