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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

The Huffington Post has asked, could a nuclear war reverse global warming?

They've always said the nuke would come from Russia. But what if the risk for humanity is from within. After all it was USA and not Russia that did it before…
The Huffington Post has asked in light of the nuclear narrative that Biden and Putin exchange, could a nuclear war reverse global warming? Their suggestion is yes: that a small nuclear war will do good to earth and will solve the global warming problem and cool us down nicely.

While the article is trying to rely on scientific research from NASA, to strengthen the support for a small nuclear war, the article amazingly ignores the price humanity will pay in lives of millions, maybe billions, of people.

The annoying thing about this article is that they ignore the price to human life in favour of reducing global warming. And what’s the point to humanity of cooling the earth, if humanity is extinct?

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