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Thursday, Oct 01, 2020

Record death toll in Brazil +++ US debates easing restrictions

Brazil's response to the coronavirus outbreak has been complicated by conflict between President Jair Bolsonaro's federal government and the states.
Regional leaders are enforcing lockdowns, against the wishes of the president. The death toll from the disease is the highest in Latin America. Hospitals are struggling to cope with the large numbers of patients. And undertakers are struggling to bury the victims.

The US government's top infectious disease expert has warned lawmakers that cities and states could see a spike in Covid-19 deaths if they lift their lockdowns too quickly. Anthony Fauci expressed his concerns while testifying before the US Senate from his home.

Turkey has started easing restrictions designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Towns and provinces are emerging from curfew, with the intention of allowing tourists to return to the country beginning at the end of May.

Quote of the Day

“If no one had an army, armies would not be needed. But the same can be said of most lobbyists, PR specialists, telemarketers, and corporate lawyers. Also, like literal goons, they have a largely negative impact on society. I think almost anyone would concur that, were all telemarketers to disappear, the world would be a better place.”
― David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory

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