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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Talk peace now or suffer for generations, Zelenskiy tells Putin

Talk peace now or suffer for generations, Zelenskiy tells Putin

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called on Saturday for comprehensive peace talks with Moscow to stop its invasion of Ukraine, saying it would otherwise take Russia "several generations" to recover from its losses in the war.
The two sides are currently holding negotiations remotely but so far, like previous rounds, they have yielded little progress. None have been at the presidential level.

“This is the time to meet, to talk, time for renewing territorial integrity and fairness for Ukraine,” Zelensky said in a video posted to Facebook. “I want to be heard by everyone, especially in Moscow.”

“Otherwise, Russia’s losses will be such, that several generations will not recover.”Several rounds of negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow have taken place both in-person and virtually since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.

Zelenskyy said Russian forces are blockading his country's largest cities to wear the population down into submission, but he warned Saturday that the strategy will fail and Moscow will lose in the long run if it doesn't end its war.

Zelenskyy accused the Kremlin of deliberately creating a humanitarian catastrophe and appealed for Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet with him, using a huge Moscow stadium rally where Putin lavished praise on Russian forces Friday to illustrate what was at stake.

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